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Feeling wheezy, feeling cold

Body's aching feeling old

Throat is hurting, head feels hot

Coughed a bit, but not a lot

Tad concerned, alarm bells warning

Let’s asses it in the morning.

Keyboard tapping, hold music playing

Page refreshing, no sites displaying

Self isolation, children crying

Back out of school, tablet relying.

Hours passing, fever rising

Still no test sites, unsurprising.

Success at last, just one hour driving

Strict instructions upon arriving

No window opening, no alighting

Feels apocalyptic, wee bit frightening

Signs displaying, message repeating

Masked faces beckon with soundless greeting.

QR code scanning, window lowering

Tissue passing, quick nose blowing

Throat swab scraping results in gagging

Efficient, swift, sample bagging

Then just as quick, swab’s returning

Far up the nose, nostrils burning.

Driving home watery eyes still flowing

Pause to dab to see where going

Back to wait, results are pending

Praying isolation won’t be extending

Next day symptoms are still lurking

Joy! Result is negative . . . 

. . . shame app’s not working!

By Michelle Stevens


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