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The Invisible Army

The Invisible Army we don’t know is there

That arm round your shoulder, when no one will care

Tender and gentle yet tougher than leather

The glue that is holding the country together

They serve us in stores, down endless roads travel

Knit things together so we don’t unravel

Work in the background, we don’t know they’re there

The very best kind of anti-virus software

Not wearing capes, they don’t need disguises

Exist on low wages and don’t get pay rises

The lifeblood of Britain, not flinching nor jumping

Keeping the heart of community pumping

Bin-collecting, food-serving, life-saving beauties

Going above and beyond their duties

Front line lions, not disenchanted

Roaring at tasks that we all take for granted

They unlock compassion inside you and me

That’s why all you wonderful workers are key.

By Chris White


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