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What's Lockdown Life to Us?

It’s lots of time at home, seeing more of Mum & Dad,

Lazy PJ mornings, extra time on the iPad.

It’s a daily walk in the woods, always excited when we spot a rainbow or a friend.

It’s asking each night at bedtime “When’s this going to end?”

It’s sitting down as a family eating dinner, more, together

It’s Mum & Dad telling us we need to walk regardless of the weather.

It’s waking up in the morning asking “What are we doing today?”

It’s writing in our journals about what we’re grateful for each day.

It’s being glad that the sun keeps shining, bouncing on the trampoline,

It’s seeing Nanny & Grandma on the computer screen.

It’s movies, colouring, and What’s App playdates, making lots of mess.

It’s banging a saucepan on the decking to clap the NHS.

There are lots of things about lockdown that we’ve found really cool,

But we miss seeing our friends and family face to face and we even quite miss school!

By Michelle Stevens ( with the help of her daughters Zoe (8) & Roux (5)


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