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Due to the global Coronavirus pandemic, we have all lived through and are still living in unexpected times. We want to offer the opportunity for people to share the creative writing that it has sparked and document this piece of history.


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APRIL 2020 - The amazing creative writing of our contributors meant that we achieved 1000 blog views in our first week of launch in April. Thank you for your words, support and shares.    

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SUBMISSIONS - Thank you for all your submissions that have helped build this fantastic community of writers and documentation of this crazy period in our lives.  Unfortunately the effects of this pandemic are still very much present but we seem to slowly be on the road to recover.  We are still accepting work for consideration and potential publication to the site and are committed to ensure we tell the full story from as many perspectives as we can. How has your life been affected? What or who has got you through? What does "normal" now look like?


We are still publishing to the site although not as regularly and will be in contact with you if your work is chosen to appear. 

Thank you