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In This Together

Let’s get back to work.

Please stay at home.

Stay quarantined.

I’m free to roam!

People may catch it. COVID’s contagious.

I’m an American. This is outrageous!

Close all the stores.

No, open them, quick.

Start the economy.

I may get sick!

Close all the borders.

No, open them now. Flatten the curve.

But that isn’t how!

The death toll is growing.

The doctors say so.

Look at the data.

The science says no.

I listen to experts.

I know. So do I.

How many jobs lost?

How many will die?

How long should we shelter?

Until it is gone!

But that could take months.

We need to move on.

What is your plan?

Don’t have one. And you?

I don’t have one either.

So, what should we do?

Maybe stop arguing?

That’s a good start.

We’re in this together.

Let’s not fall apart.

I’m nervous and scared.

What about you?

I know how you feel.

It’s okay, I am too.

What’s the solution?

Not sure. It’s a mess.

But we shouldn’t quarrel.

That adds to the stress.

Respect my opinion.

Please respect mine.

We don’t need to agree.

But we need to align!

Let’s work together.

And not be divided!

Let’s help the country.

And keep us united!

I don’t have the answers.

I don’t know who’s right.

Why battle each other?

There’s a virus to fight!

I’m there for you brother.

And I’m there for you.

Let’s help the whole world.

And America too.

I’m in if you are.

I’m in as well.

We’ll beat this together.

Let’s give it hell!

So, you got my back?

Whatever you need.

Then we will recover.



By Adam Lazarus


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