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Wear a Mask

Don’t spread this virus. That is the task.

The CDC says we should all wear a mask.

Not Carnevale masks, and not French casques.

Like, a real one that works! Please do what they ask.

Make one yourself from things that you’ve got.

Or order online, they’ll be shipped to your spot.

Some help a little. Some do a lot.

But here is my list of the masks that do not.

Cloth masks will work, not ones that are knit.

Your grandma crocheted you one? That won’t do sh*t.

No catcher’s masks. Don’t use an old mitt.

Neither will help flatten the curve. Not a bit.

No Star Wars masks! Despite what fans say.

Not in this galaxy. Stay far, far away.

Darth Vader masks won’t help you today.

Wear a real mask, you’ll be C3P-Okay.

Halloween masks won’t help you at all.

Not scary “Scream” masks or “Raggedy Ann” dolls.

Want the numbers of victims to fall?

Then don’t wear a clown mask you bought at the mall.

Superhero masks? Not in the plan!

Not Hulk masks, Black Panther and not Spiderman.

Don’t wear costumes. I know you’re a fan,

But Batman can’t help. Only being smart can.

A mask that will not work, I’m quite sure.

Mexican wrestling masks! It’s not what they’re for.

Used by wrestlers only. Nothing more.

But “El Corona” sounds like a cool Luchador!

Don’t wear football helmets on your head.

And please don’t wear ski masks or goggles instead.

Hockey masks? No, they won’t stem the spread.

Surgical masks? Yes, they can help stop it dead.

Make masks from t-shirts, masks from old bras,

Or masks from bandanas. Not mud masks from spas.

Why’s it important? It matters because,

Science will work if we follow its laws.

I know it’s weird. You’re trying your best.

It feels like a movie. It’s hard to digest.

But if masks can help stop COVID’s crest,

Then why not just do what the experts suggest?

It’s one simple way to help the human race.

Just a small gesture. An example of grace.

Go nude if you want when sheltered in place.

But near others in public? Wear a mask on your face!

By Adam Lazarus


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