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Wine Tasting

Each night’s the same. You’re cooped up in your house.

Stuck at home bored. You continue to grouse.

After the laundry and housework is done, You should relax! You deserve to have fun!

Kids are in bed. You’re stressed over bills.

You need some alone time to Netflix and chill.

Cocktails are great, but no substitution,

Most chemists agree - wine’s a solution!

It doesn’t matter - white, pink or redder -

One glass, or three, makes everything better.

If your day was awful, wine helps the most.

So, raise up your wine glass. Here is my toast!

To all oenophiles and all the wine lovers,

Vintners, sommeliers and stay-at-home mothers,

Enthusiasts, novices, connoisseurs too, Cheers! Here’s to wine! Hope it changes your view.

Everything’s fine! Just drink some more wine!

All is okay with a nice Chardonnay!

If you’re feeling blah? Then sip some Syrah!

Just got a furlough? Time to drink Merlot!

More calls from the bank? Try Sauvignon Blanc!

Can’t pay for your car? There’s Pinot Noir!

If you had a bad day? Have a Rosé!

House is a shanty? Open Chianti!

You’re all out of sorts? Then decant some Ports!

No Zoom video? Yes, Pinot Grigio!

Weekdays are crazy? Drink Sangiovese!

No government check-o? You need Prosecco!

The world’s gone to hell? Just pour Zinfandel!

Wanna get blotto? Guzzle Moscato!

Your life is a wreck? Then try a Malbec!

You’re beyond reasoning? You need a Riesling!

Got nowhere to go? Go with Bordeaux!

Be your own sommelier. Try Cabernet!

Don’t have a mask? Finish the whole cask!

Not sure red or white? Drink both kinds tonight!

Don’t care if it’s floral or oaky or fruity, In quarantine times, you can’t be so snooty.

I really don’t care if it’s Blush or Chablis,

There’s alcohol in it. That works for me!

You drank all the cheap wine? Need a new pour?

Then open the good stuff! That’s what it’s for.

Don’t keep it bottled up. Let it all out!

Who needs a wine glass? Drink from the spout!

“In vino veritas”, that’s what they say.

The truth is, wine makes the stress go away.

Wine, just a little, helps cure what you’ve got. And a whole lotta wine? It helps a whole lot!

You’re overwhelmed? You’re nervous? You’re stressin’?

Wine is the answer to every question!

We’ll all get through this one sip at a time.

‘Cause lockdown pairs well with a good glass of wine.

By Adam Lazarus


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