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Staying Productive While Staying at Home

Like everyone else, I am staying at home. But there’s so much to do besides writing this poem.

Staying productive while stuck here indoors, Means crossing off tasks from my long list of chores.

My kids think it’s silly. My wife says it’s dumb. But I can’t stay at home and NOT get some things done!

I’m being proactive. Doing tasks that I’ve missed. Here’s all I’ve completed on my long to-do list.

Cleaned out the ice tray. Polished my pliers. Picked out each pebble stuck in my car’s tires.

Sharpened my pencils. Pulled all the weeds. Then checked every gear on my bike – all ten speeds.

Changed all the light bulbs. (Then changed them all back.) Alphabetized every spice in my rack.

Descaled the faucets. Then ironed the drapes. Scotch, duct and masking – organized all the tapes.

Vacuumed the windows. Even vacuumed the screens. Then vacuumed the vacuum so the vacuum was clean.

Removed an old wasp’s nest. Fixed the kids’ toys. Inventoried our sauces - from spaghettis to soys.

Dusted the house plants. Brewed homemade iced tea. Then trimmed every leaf on each branch on each tree.

Shined all the silverware. Scrubbed all the grout. Repainted my whole house, both inside and out.

Resealed the driveway. Cobbled our shoes. Separated the flathead and Phillip’s-head screws.

Pruned all the hedges. Hedged all the prunes. And changed every doorknob to each of our rooms.

Knitted a blanket. Built my own shed. Hand carved a headstone to use when I’m dead.

Recoiled the hoses. Rewired the lights. Then rechecked what I redid so I redid it all right.

I’ve worked really hard doing all of these chores! Just knocking them out while stuck home indoors.

Most of them random. None are essential. In fact, looking back, they seem inconsequential.

My kids called me crazy. My wife thinks I’m nuts. Doing “dumb, needless jobs” while they sit on their butts.

I’ve fixed every hole and repaired every leak. I’ve done months’ worth of work…and it’s just the first week!

By Adam Lazarus


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